Remote IT Staffing Workforce

Difficulty finding IT technical talent at your location?

Trying to find the best people, but budget challenged?

Need Java, Mobile Application, Hadoop, or Oracle EBS/CLOUD etc. technologists?

You have likely had challenges in attracting local and affordable IT talent. As talent pools begin to dry up in IT, and as immigration laws continue to evolve, the need for IT talent has become even more stretched. In alleviating IT skill shortages, companies are adopting greater flexibility in their search for talent. Solution IT has developed a service offering designed to resolve your challenge.

Introducing the Remote IT Staffing Workforce

Our consultants primarily work for you remotely from our managed workspace located in Massachusetts and are available to be onsite at your location for any work that may require an onsite presence to ensure maximum productivity as well as availability.


There are many benefits to the remote IT staffing workforce service offerings

      ✓ Managed workspace in Massachusetts – private, secured and protected like your own
      ✓ Technically skilled and trained consultants – employed by Solution IT
      ✓ Interviewed, selected and managed by you
      ✓ Full-Time dedicated consultant(s) – direct access through phone, email, Skype, or video conferencing
      ✓ LOCAL – Consultant(s) are available to be on-site at your location
      ✓ Employees working together from the same office, No more dealing with dispersed staff
      ✓ Significant Reduction in Cost – No overhead costs for recruiting training and infrastructure
      ✓ Competitive rates

The Model

We provide experienced Information Technology professionals who will be dedicated, remotely located staff for you with the added benefit of being onsite at your location whenever required. If you are in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont and you require Java or Mobile Application, Hadoop or Oracle EBS/Cloud etc. technologists, then we work with you to define your needs. We pair you with our consultant(s) who are interviewed, selected and managed by you. The consultant works from our managed workspace, located in Massachusetts, equipped with tools, training and support, utilizing our security and being available at all times through our work collaboration environment. The consultants are local and available to be onsite at your location as required throughout the project. The team can consist of one to multiple consultants who are full-time dedicated to you and working at one location as a team. In addition to your management oversight, our management supervises work and is available to answer both your questions and the consultants, real-time.

Technology Professionals


Mobile Application Development

Big Data

Oracle EBS/Cloud